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Episteme X

We audit, create and execute digital strategy blueprints for companies and executives looking to align sales and business goals in a digital-first world.

Differentiate Your Product & Brand

The competition for the attention of your end consumers is fierce.  How consumers access and evaluate information is rapidly changing. The foundations of building trust remotely are evolving. An emergent strategic marketing and sales blueprint is a competitive advantage.

Native Competitive Advantage

When you combine technologically emergent strategies with integrated marketing tactics, one can build a modern and flexible sales and marketing blueprint that roadmaps vertical-specific keys to success.

Conducting market research; launching a new brand; identifying, segmenting and growing a base of profitable customers; and, positioning new products using value-proposition design can be daunting.

The key is to identify a strategy that allows your company to juggle all of this by aligning your company’s digital and traditional media presence with revenue goals.

This is what we do.

Strategy & Planning

How are you differentiating yourself? What are you doing different or better than your competitors?

Market Research

Who are your customers? Where are they? Who is your competition? What do they do well?

Sales Design

Does your sales team have the visual and verbal collateral to convince your customers?

Branding & Media

What are the colors, images, slogans and feelings associated with your company?

Audit Your Sales & Marketing Efforts

Conduct an audit of your existing strategies before committing to an overhaul.

Emergent | Integrated | Strategic | Sales | Marketing | Revenue

Emergent and strategic marketing is a philosophy. It requires that every go-to-market sales and marketing strategy begin with an excavation of the existing conditions and end with an executable blueprint with predictive tactics to be implemented on the basis of the way things are, but also where they will be in 12, 18, or 24-months beyond a launch.

How are you preparing for growth?

Align Sales & Marketing Objectives

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