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Our approach to marketing is informed by our background in philosophy and law. We find out everything there is to know about you and your solutions, and then apply a rigorous and scientific set of frameworks to develop campaigns. When your solutions are at the edge, sometimes we make shit up. You innovate; we will too.

Account-Based Experience

Keys to Succesful ABX

Account-Based Experience (ABX) is the foundational marketing strategy we study, design, and implement at Episteme X. It is a strategy that views marketing, sales, and customer success across a unified revenue horizon.

Align Internal Stakeholders

To develop a cohesive account-based revenue strategy, you must begin internally by aligning your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams. Account-Based Experience frameworks will transform how content and campaigns are deployed across every stage of the customer funnel. Teams often need to renegotiate what constitutes a lead, what constitutes a meaningful signal, which technologies are essential and when and how will leads be handled for follow-up.

Identify Ideal Customers

Your ideal customers are not hypothetical. For most high-growth startups, you already have a dream client; one that loves you is a power-user and pays you on time. Do the internal audit to identify these characters and build a targeted list of similar companies. It is not enough to desire a logo or client, the ideal target list includes those companies who are in desperate need of your services. Use ABM to target your ideal customers, but use your internal data to identify why they are valuable.

Deploy Omnichannel Campaigns

The preferences of B2B SaaS buyers are rapidly converging with those of B2C buyers. Increasingly, the sales team is less and less necessary in the first 2/3 of the buying cycle. This requires B2B SaaS companies to adequately educate their target buyers across every relevant channel with a deep dive into trends across the market, product details, and competitive differentiation. Under an ABX model, marketing should help transform key sales executives into market experts and a key channel for buyer engagement.

The Road to ABX Maturity

Why ABX?

Why should you adopt an ABX strategy across your revenue teams?

Our Mission

We seek to elevate and transform the practice of marketing by co-creating authentic and innovative narratives to support emerging technologies.

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